At the first Dare Conference—people skills for digital workers—100 people watched 28 talks, each created specially for the event. #dareconf helped us grow and learn, and you can too through the magic of video.

I suck! And so do you!—Karen McGrane

video thumbnail by Karen McGrane (keynote presentation)

Schooled in Feminism: an Ally's Perspective—Faruk Ates

video thumbnail by Faruk Ates (main stage presentation)

Studies in Terror: Becoming a People Manager—Meri Williams

video thumbnail by Meri Williams (main stage presentation)

Journeys between Loneliness and Aloneness—Erin Jo Richey

video thumbnail by Erin Jo Richey (breakout presentation)

How Disability Made Me More Productive—Phil Powell

video thumbnail by Phil Powell (breakout presentation)

2012: My Very Own Disaster Movie—Kerry-Anne Gilowey

video thumbnail by Kerry-Anne Gilowey (breakout presentation)

My Secret is Honesty—Laura Kalbag

video thumbnail by Laura Kalbag (breakout presentation)

Failure to Launch—Ricky Robinett

video thumbnail by Ricky Robinett (breakout presentation)

How To Rebuild Amidst Crisis—Kevin Hoffman

video thumbnail by Kevin Hoffman (main stage presentation)

Sexism and Confidence—Kate Dreyer

video thumbnail by Kate Dreyer (lightning talk)

You Are Not a Statistic—Seyi Akiwowo

video thumbnail by Seyi Akiwowo (lightning talk)

Culture and Change—Dave Gray

video thumbnail by Dave Gray (keynote presentation)

How to Find Courage in Vulnerability—Shannon Fisher

video thumbnail by Shannon Fisher (breakout presentation)

This is my story: speaking out about depression—Relly Annett-Baker

video thumbnail by Relly Annett-Baker (breakout presentation)

My Self-Improvement Technique is Bug-Fixing—Nadia Tokerud

video thumbnail by Nadia Tokerud (breakout presentation)

The Power of Error—Nishant Kothary

video thumbnail by Nishant Kothary (main stage presentation)

How I Redefined Success by Writing My Own Rules—Sophie Dennis

video thumbnail by Sophie Dennis (main stage presentation)

How I Learned to Stop Fixing and Start Facilitating—Sara Wachter-Boettcher

video thumbnail by Sara Wachter-Boettcher (main stage presentation)

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